Even when holding any product of Street Workout in hands for the very first time, you can feel the quality which you deserve and will never want to abandon.

Street Workout is a new sport and street wear clothing line which specializes in developing and manufacturing completely new street workout clothing and was specially created by the premium clothing brand NO FACE. Street Workout is a Premium class brand which is made unique by its authentic designs and the high quality of products. Street Workout an officially registered trade mark (trade mark registration numbers are 1097338 (OHIM, WIPO), 79105265 (USPTO)) in Europe, the USA, Russia, Ukraine and China. The brand was created by the non-governmental organization World Street Workout Federation with the purpose of supporting juveniles of risk groups all around the globe by involving them in sporting activities and healthy lifestyle. A concrete amount of money from each purchase will be used for international social projects.

The creator of Street Workout brand and main developer of style and design concepts is the artist Vlads Lakše. His greatest achievement is revolutionizing the field of sport design of basketball and other sports.

In the development of clothing designs of Street Workout participate many young and creative fashion designers such as Ilka, Mondolini and others. The main goal of the brand is to create comfortable, stylish and interesting clothing for various sports, and the path to this goal will be started by creating a clothing line for the fastest-progressing sport in the world – street workout.

All clothing is authentic and corresponds with the requirements of the highest quality, and is created and manufactured in the European Union by the team of NO FACE and Street Workout.